Past Games

Looking in a magic mirror, the player loses himself in another reality. Here the player is forever in search of old memories and has to overcome many obstacles along the way.
The Click & Point Flyventure - Searching Flight 0711 is an classic 2D Point & Click Adventure with three seperate game-parts. It is a pixel based game.
Patch Patch Hero is a game to challenge your skills. You are a blacksmith some generic fantasy encampment where many heroes stop by to enlist your services to repair their armors.
All throughout your life you are collecting memories. As you become older it's getting more difficult to remember.
Ein Messenger Game: Beeinflusse den Chatverlauf durch die Auswahl von äußeren Einflüssen, die sich in Emojis widerspiegeln. Inspiriert von Alchemie-Spielen, lassen sich die Emojis im Sendefeld k
You play a friendly and lovely grandmother. She sits chilled in her room.
You are the most important political figure in your country. Your job is a routine. A ritual you could say. Get a question!
You thought you'd hit it big with the apprenticeship at Area Onety Five, but then the invasion came… You pillaged a random science lab and have no idea what all this stuff does.
No, you're not the hero - you're a creep. Your life will end, unless you tag along with the hero of this game. Try to survive or don't.

Hearty Games