Pablo Mendez

Past Games

You are a game developer with an approaching deadline, you have to complete your game and search for bugs before they consume you.
What happens when home misses you? Try to catch you back in, of course! In a world where people is free to hang out together and make plans, houses are feeling lonely and craving to be occupied.
Juego de supervivencia de mundo abierto. Por un accidente, tú y tu pareja se encuentran náufragos en islas distintas y tu misión es transmitir un mensaje a tu amada: que estás vivo.
Up in the sky, far away from the sight of humans and other earthly creatures, lies a place where baby clouds are born and raised to eventually become the great white blanket that shrouds the sky.
Cuenta la leyenda, acerca de espíritus y monstruos que persiguen a las personas en varias locaciones de México. Es tu trabajo encontrar los objetos con ayuda de los alebrijes para completar el ritu

Hearty Games