Jonathan Deaves

Past Games

You are a fox who's lost its mommy, got to try to find her. *Note, this project has been largely a learning experience as first time using Unreal for one of the team so may replace this descri
Returning stolen items in a cyberpunk world.
Be the first to finish the best shack this land has ever seen.
As a dog, you must protect your home from theft. As a thief, you must not get bitten.
Collect the shells to recruit a hermit crab army and become strong enough to defeat the ocean crabs and their evil queen! BEWARE OF THE SEAGULLS!
Guide the imp servants towards the ritual altar to revive the grand IMPress! A cute and cartoon style arcade game, with fun and simple controls.
Opposing forces wage war through their own personal realities as they attempt to liberate the Royal Bakon and lay claim to the Meat Throne.
You are a nano ship tasked with defending a heart by fighting off diseases while keeping yourself, the heart and the red blood cells safe. Movement using standard WASD controls and mouse aim. Enemies killed depending on which weapon you have chosen. WASD controls inversed when teleporting to the right chamber (Q and E to teleport) Scrollwheel changes weapons
A real time strategy game where some of a players units are only holograms used to deceive the opponent.