Jamie K King

Past Games

"You and I alone. Madness of world locked away. Within these videotapes." This game will be available for download on the Yarn Spinner itch.io page.
A short story about mending a broken heart.
Helmouth Halls tells the tale of a group of students attempting to solve the mystery of what happened to their flatmate - told entirely through their group chat conversations.
Whilst travelling to visit your family, you find yourself stranded somewhere eerily familiar. Your phone is broken.
An experimental branching narrative experience where even the smallest choices make big waves. The path you walk reflects your choices, and the world evolves around you. Where will you end up?
Antecedent is a surreal first-person murder mystery game in which players must solve mind-bending puzzles to uncover the rituals and identity of a depraved killer.
An experimental, narrative driven experience, Respire sees players take on the role of a lone astronaut in a struggle for survival, after a critical systems failure renders his ship's oxygen tank