Past Games

Silly old bear. You are Winnie-the-Pooh, explore the forest and help your friends.
Bring the cat toys to safety in this Tactical Mouse Action game!
Space Trash is a game that follows a spunky junky robot named T.V. on aimless interplanetary adventures.
Gather supplies from the desert to repair an ancient buried space ship and unlock new abilities!
Do you have a facade when you're outside or with others? Do you feel afraid to be your true self, in fear of being judged?
Every home has a Clutterbud protecting its inhabitants and helping them through their days. Act as a friendly Clutterbud managing the complicated emotions of two struggling humans.
Create some great collective memories by feeding adorable farm animals! In this cute little game, with a convoluted control scheme, you get to determine how you play on the fly.
Dischord is a 3D game in which the player is confronted with both comforting and dissonant sound and visuals to navigate the world on a quest to find home.
Bird Call is a game where you play as a switchboard operator that help transmit calls from one to another, except that you and the customers are birds!
The Ancient Greek Labyrinth brought into to today, updating its technology, and melding the old with the new.
A bat using echolocation to find and eat bugs. W to move forwards, A and D to to turn, and Spacebar to send out an echo. See how many points you can achieve.
Birdwave is a music-based flying arcade game where you must navigate through each level and collect CDs to the beat of the music.
Complete the ritual of morning coffee in the game of choosing both mundane and exotic ingredients to make a perfectly nuanced cup! Aristocrat Controls PC/OS X/Linux W = move up A = move left