Past Games

Spin puzzle elements to design a track that your repairbots will follow on their way to the work site.
This game is about avoiding all the responsibilities of your home, and getting to the couch as quickly as possible to relax in front of the TV. Jump and slide around household distractions with the
Tune into some Intergalactic TV and participate in the shows, for a live studio audience! Wag your controller's joysticks like antennas and lock in on the signal, then press A or space to part
You're a sumo, trapped in a giant hamster ball! Knock the ball out of the stage to score points. Make sure to be the last one to get a hit though, as someone else can steal your points!
Arrows to move, space to interact. You are an old widow, Margaret. It is Benjamin's birthday, and like every year, you've come to pay your respects.