Past Games

Wild penguins will need to repair famous sculptures!
A Fox has to feed her childs, but a dark, dangerous forest full of wolves and traps are in her path.
Both have a nuclear button, one says his button is bigger (and works). Help our heroes(?) to transmit the launch order pushing the button as fast as possible and demostrate who have the bigger...
A young humanoid creature has to travel a dreamlike world in a 2D Puzzle platformer game with a sweet message and a unexpected ending.
Isometric 3D puzzle game, where you will have to guide a little will-o'-wisp, which is invoked by a lady, through her house.
Aventura gráfica 2D programada en ActionScript 3 situada en un Hotel misterioso. A 2D graphic adventure programmed in Actionscript 3 situaded in a mysterious hotel.