Past Games

In a dystopian Japanese society, your home is your only refuge. It is a place of sanctuary, protected from the infected air laced with energy draining chemicals.
Trapped (again) on BottleTree Island, your only hope is to get a message in a bottle back to the Boat Hire Shack.
Cherry Bakewell is one of Britain's best loved TV cooks, for her delicious yet precise home baking. YOU have a chance to become her new housekeeper.
You are dead. Almost. Painfully crawl your way to your grave, before your heart gives out, but tilting the pad up and down. Try not to get squashed on the way, else your soul will never rest in peace. Plus your family would never live it down. A fun game for one, with an iPad. Please hold your iPad carefully, and I'm not responsible for any breakages if you drop it. If you don't want to risk breaking your iPad, hold really really tight or play another game :-) Made in much less than 48 hours...
Ambidextrous puzzle game: maintain the balance of life and death for as long as you can!