Glasgow Caledonian University GGJ24


Picture of Glasgow Caledonian University campus showing the Annie Lennox building
    • Glasgow Caledonian University has been part of Global Game Jam since 2009! This is the 15th time that GCU has hosted a venue for the GGJ® and we welcome everyone to come and participate and join in making games together.

      We are going to run from 17:30 on Friday 26th January to 17:30 on Sunday 28th January with 1.5 hours for playing the games until 19:00. It will be held in the Student Association building at GCU.

      First time jammers and veterans are strongly encouraged to participate and bring their new ideas, skills and experiences into the mix! This event is not just for GCU students, anyone from the public can attend as long they are 18 years or older. You can come as an individual, or a few people together, or as a whole team of people to join in and create some awesome games. If you don’t come as part of a team, we will help you to find a team if you want to be part of one, or you can work as an individual. Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere at the event is always one of helping others. This community spirit is awesome and we will have a mix of GCU students, students from other institutions, industry guests and anyone else from the general public that would like to take part. Feel free to come alone, all skill levels are welcome and have some fun making games.

      We're planning on having game tournaments and quizzes alongside our jam so please join in and play.

      NOTE: it is recommended that you bring your own equipment, therefore a laptop with all the software you need and a power extension cable if you have one. You can bring more than this such as Desktop PC with monitor, etc, however we can take no responsibility for any damage during transit or for any other reason. There will be security onsite so it should be safe to leave equipment, and there are always members of staff onsite during the whole event. Plus, everyone is friendly and looks out for each other and we have no trouble in the past but as a disclaimer we cannot be legally held responsible of anything that may happen to equipment you bring. There will be PC's at the venue, but these will only have basic office software on them and therefore will not have a game engine installed on them like Unity or Unreal. They are however, more than capable of running online HTML5 game engines like PlayCanvas.

      Is this an 'all night' event?
      This is a 48-hour event and the venue will be open for the whole duration of this time. However, we encourage healthy working best practices. This means you should take care of yourself and act responsibly taking plenty of breaks and stop working when you are feeling tired to go home and sleep. This is to ensure you are well rested to do your best work and enjoy the rest of the experience.

      We strongly discourage anyone doing the whole 48 hours without any sleep or rest and we reserve the right to ask participants to leave should we feel that you are putting your own (or others) health and safety at risk.

      Generally, the best results in previous years usually come from teams who manage to work at peak performance by taking regular breaks, staying hydrated and eating well.

      Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?
      You can contact [email protected] who is the event organiser.

      I'm not a student at GCU, can I still attend?
      YES! We welcome everyone! Whether you are GCU student, a student from somewhere else, an industry professional or just someone that is not part of games at all but just has an interest to make a game. We are inclusive and open for anyone to attend.
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