Past Games

I wanted to screw around with Unity's HDRP and with two joysticks I had at my disposal, and this is the result. It's not actually a game.
Redirect TV signals based on their frequency or something, I guess? Throw the TVs. Ran out of time so I just made a build and threw it on here untested.
A demon is going to harvest the soul of an unsuspecting person. You, as a ghost, must haunt his house and scare him out of it, in order to save him! VIVE ONLY!
Two pilots are flying through an asteroid field and must use their weapons to deflect incoming rocks at each other.
The sport of the future. Participate in a series of mandatory pre-game events to determine your stats during the event itself.
Stop Helping Me! is a game that takes multiple very simple game types and forces you to play them all while being constantly told what to do via the art of over-tutorialization.
A collection of 3 (almost 5) local multiplayer competitive games - Use 2-4 Xbox360 or PS3 controllers.
Two players, a virus and antibody must battle inside a dying patient. Both players must move in rhythm with his heartbeat or their effectiveness with be diminished. Each player must place bombs to capture territory inside the body. When the patient's heart stops, the winner is the one with the most territory claimed!
Follower-based platforming puzzle action! Throw and control your minions to solve puzzles.
You are to create a virus to make everything in the world extinct. Can you come up with the correct concoction?