Past Games

The world is gray, chaotic, and crazy. You're a bit lost and want your life to be chill. You walk around, clean up the trash, plant flowers, and make friends.
Grab your friends and a tool! Play as Deer, Dino, Piggy, or Raccoon in a race against time to save your ship.
Unicorn Valley is a 2D platform game about juggling roles to keep up your startup alive and launch your next venture. If you run out of runway, it's all over.
In this 2-player, networked VR game, play as Frog or Bear to run the Intergalactic House of Pancakes. Prepare breakfast from an extensive menu of just pancakes and grapefruit.
Team up with a friend to play this multiplayer asymmetric game 10000 leagues under the sea. Computer player plays a sidescroller game and dodges all manner of sea creatures.
Silence of the Slugs is VR-enabled game about sacrifice.
*UPDATE* This game has been worked on past the game jam. We're raising money on Kickstarter and are showing at the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games!
You are a heart. This means that you have the power to give life. This also means you have been hurt. You’ve been hurt and hurt until you cannot take it any longer. Rage is the obverse of empathy, and it is time to unleash it ALL. Heartbeat-Em-Up is the story of one Hero Heart, walking the street, laying down the beat, knocking enemies off of their feet… until your mission is complete. As you fight through your enemies, you might find powerups to help you on this epic quest. You can then fight with the Sole of a Hero, attack with Heart Beets, or even transform into the Heart Throb! You will need those powerups to defeat the various villains that have viscous visions of vivisection! Play:

Hearty Games