Cedric Liaudet

Past Games

A lost traveler looking for artifacts in an unknown world to found a path to wayback.
In an oneiric world corrupted and nibbled by a sickness, you will have to wire the cosmic flow. A word from our Creative Director: "This is the best game ever made since Jesus birthday.&q
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Knowledge is transmitted with sharpness and delicacy. Discover now the ancestral tradition!
"'In a village near from the african west coast. Moussa, which is not a young boy anymore, have to endure his passage to the adulthood. The council decide to test him in...
You are Tim Croutte, a bar tender. You have to craft cocktails for your customers. The problem is YOU CAN'T HEAR THE ORDER because the DJ is too loud. So... What do we do now??
You have to brave your fear of the unknown and reveal the path to the abyss. Use your power to change the world as you are. Solo game. Playable with gamepad or keyboard.
"Love is a bitch" is an extreme mature content game about love and relationship between players. It's a 4 players game playable with 4 XBOX 360 controllers (sorry guys!). To finish the game, you have to win hearts but for this, you have to become a "lover". It's simple, to become a lover you have to approach the pink player. The "lover" change automatically when he is killed.
1 to 4 Players. Mankind is now extincted... Only mutant mole-men have survived, and they must run for glory, they must run for freedom, they must run... FOR THEIR LIFE !!!