Past Games

Gilberto es un niño muy raro. El siempre tuvo una curiosidad especial por lo paranormal, pudiendo percibir un lado oculto de las cosas que no todes son capaces de ver.
Gather ALL the platelets and repair the wound! ----
The core of this game consist in hit objects for repair them
Ah doggo trying to get home after a crazy night .
HomeRuns or little housing running.
A funny tale about a slug looking for a place to call home.
Is a game about a man who goes back to the house where he lived and he revives some memories. Controls: left and right arrows or A and D, and left control
The main character is a mailman delivering love letters to angry stressed people in a way that reminds of the old school 2d shooters.
You control the head of dove and this can drop letters to another doves for kill him, or you can to try to drop your letters in emptys spaces of city for make happy to poblation
Recolecta las hojas dispersas por el mapa evitando las distracciones que intentaran detenerte.
After years of being far from home, a rocker comes back to his hometown.

Hearty Games