Past Games

Controls & Rules ⬅️⬆️⬇️➡️ - Move Puni! Z - Spin clockwise! X - Spin anti-clockwise! Warm up or cool down the sad spirits with the appropriate element, bring the forest back into balance!
Help citizens of the universe recover their belongings in the intergalactic lost and found centre! Read their item testimony closely, and be careful, they may not always be their rightful possessions!
You are a pirate on a sinking ship! Run and Jump, plug leaks, don't sink! (and watch out for the animals!) Controls: Arrow keys: move Space: Jump Ctrl: Repair leaks
3D puzzle arcade where players will tilt their house, full of furniture and house-warming items to their intended location! Requires a twin stick controller.
Stop-motion FMV point n’ click adventure about Boxy trying to return home.
In a world where everybody is a clone of the same 10 people, you'll experience social issues of not knowing which person is a friend and which person is a stranger.
A co-op reflex [twitch shooter-like] fire ritual defense game with an onslaught of waves of ancient beasts inscribed with glyphs.