Past Games

In this starship engineering crew simulator, explore the duality of success and failure on your first day as a starship engineer.
You're a rabbit in charge of maintaining your warren.
Beth and Dale have lost the very important Thumbdrive containing the Ruby file they need to repair the rails.
You are Human Resources Officer Ins' Tage-Tor. Your crew has abandoned you. You must use your stellar interpersonal skills to recruit a new crew to help you return to H' Om.
Kai Anders is missing. You need to find her. Use your empathy enhancement chip to discover clues by reading the brain waves of the last person to be seen with her.
"High school angst collides with Hamlet and Steven Universe." Created for the iThrive Empathy Challenge, this choose your own adventure game created with Twine is meant to encourage empat
Choose your own adventure and avoid prison or death...if you can.