Past Games

It is another day at work. You yearn for something else. Something is broken inside. It is time to pHeal VR.
You are the dragon protector of the ancient forest. Global Lumberjacks LLC is deforesting your home. Use your turnip breath and the power of trees. Defend your home and repair the ecological damage.
Revenge of the Turnip Dragon: 2D is about being a dragon and shooting turnips.
You're chill'n in your cozy, comfortable cabin when all the sudden.... THE YETIS ATTACK! Defend your homestead by lobbing snowballs and chopping down trees to build fences.
As a GlobeAzon employee you must control your state-of-the-art GlobAzon packing robot to pack and ship as many customer orders as you can!
Prism the things! Shoot the Crystals!! Prism Break is the puzzle game involving lights, mirrors and crystals. The spirits are trapped in crystals and need you to break them out.
A game created for Global Game Jam 2016 by: Leon Kennedy, John Ortner, Rob Vary, Clark Chambers, Jessica Bailer, Christopher Kerl, and Ryan Kline - MENU - up and down to navigate enter to sel