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    • This site is hosted by the Quinnipiac Game Design and Development program. We've been a Global Game Jam site for over ten years running.

      All are welcome! Especially those interested in game development in CT, New England, or the tri-state area.

      We ❤ beginners.

      This year, we are partnering with GameDevCT, an organization committed to fostering growth of the games industry and game development community in Connecticut. Find a link to their Discord below. We'll be using their Discord to facilitate online collaboration and communication during the event:


      Our site will open on Friday, January 26th at 4:00PM and announcements about the theme will be made, and will wrap up around Sunday at around 3pm to informally share work, and finally end around the same time. Parking can be done in the guest lot advertised upon entering the campus. Ask the parking admittance attendant if there is any question regarding locations to park.

      The actual building that this will take place in is : SB 109, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University

      Our priorities are:

      1. Creating a welcoming and supportive environment,
      2. Facilitating collaboration and teamwork,
      3. Making new connections,
      4. And having fun!

      Join us!
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