NekoLogic & C2 Kyoto

Nekologic and C2 Kyoto Global Game Jam 2024
    • NekoLogic and C2 Kyoto are hosting our second Global Game Jam. Everyone who wants to make a game is welcome!

      We will be officially starting the jam at 11:00am JST on January 26th but you are welcome to do initial teamfinding on our discord at on the 🍔gamejam2024 channel.

      It will be held at C2 Kyoto, home of the indie game studio; Robinson Technologies. More info here: and a Google Maps link here: - We have a large space available with desks, chairs and plenty of floor space.

      You'll be able to bring your own food and beverages. Some of us will contribute to a communal snacks pile. Coffee will be available. Alcohol is allowed, but please behave and be respectful of others and the property.

      If you bring a sleeping bag and something soft to sleep on, you can camp next to your game jamming station.

      There are restaurants and a convenience store nearby so you'll always have supplies available. Just remember to keep noise to a minimum for the good neighbors when coming in and out.

      While on the premises, lets stay indoors and not hang out at the entrance. It is cold outside this time of year and we want to keep good with the neighbors.

      For those with allergies, please be aware there is a well mannered doggo named Tenchan living on premises.

      There is no parking space for cars but there is nearby pay parking - please check on google maps.

      There is a maximum parking space for 16 bicycles. If it's maxed out - you'll need to find a public bicycle parking spot. Random parking in the neighborhood might get your bike impounded. Don't risk it!

      If you want to join virtually - please let us know on our discord then we can free up spaces for those who will physically join.

      It's gonna be fun - See you there!
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