Nashville Game Developers 2024

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    • Nashville Game Developers will host the 2024 Nashville Global Game Jam site as a hybrid event with support from the Greater Nashville Tech Council. In-person activities will take place at Tech Hill Commons in Nashville with an attendance cap while online participation will happen in the NashGameDev Discord server. Please register for in-person participation on the Meetup page:

      The link to join the NashGameDev Discord is:

      Participation either in-person or online are both equally valid and anyone is welcome to participate regardless of background, discipline, skills, or interest in game development. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

      Friday January 26, 2024
      6:00 PM - Doors Open in-person and online
      7:00 PM - Opening Ceremony: theme announcement, team formation
      11:00 PM - Doors close in-person

      Saturday January 27
      8:00 AM - Doors open in-person
      11:00 PM - Doors close in-person

      Sunday January 28
      2:00 PM - Doors open (another group uses the venue until 2:00 PM, please jam remotely Sunday morning and do not arrive at the venue before 2:00)
      5:00 PM - Closing ceremony and presentations in-person and online

      Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own meals. There are not any restaurants within walking distance of the venue.
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      English (English)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only with minors accompanied by parent or guardian at all times
      Entrance Fee
      Maximum Capacity
      Open until 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday - subject to change.
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