LFG - 2024

picture of a whiteboard with game design notes from last year at this site!
    • LFG is under construction and is a rough space - but we've got space and enthusiastic people! Also power, heat, wifi, a great walkable boulevard (ice cream!), and a StepManiax machine for break time.

      As a jam site, we especially welcome LFG & Academy Pittsburgh affiliated folks, but welcome community participants also. You can also check out the other Pittsburgh jams! Want to make a game with some great people? Ready to treat each other with respect? Then you're welcome, regardless of your skill level.

      We'll meet and form teams at 6pm on Friday, then work all weekend, then meet and show off what we've done on Sunday at 4. Some food & drinks provided, including pizza on Friday and lunch on Saturday. You must be here in person for Friday kickoff and Sunday show & tell, but may work wherever you want for the rest of the weekend - space will be available here. Make sure you get some sleep (not at LFG).

      COVID protocols for LFG: Don't come if you're sick, use judgement and perhaps masks if you've been in contact with someone sick. We keep track of who's here - let us know if you get COVID afterwards and we'll contact everyone and let them know, too.
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      Available for use on premises: Whiteboards, 2d & 3d printers, extra monitors... ask if there's something you need!
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