• Hello Jammers! The Technical University Dresden is hosting a Jam-Site for all types from beginner to veteran. Whether you want to make a videogame, a boardgame or a paper prototype, we have space for all types of games. We want to create an atmosphere where industry professionals, students, and anyone interested in making games can mingle and work together to make something awesome within classic GGJ restrictions.

      That’s right, for our Site we will be following the classic ruleset of 48 hours to make a game. Our Site will open 1 hour before the Jam (15:00), to allow for you to settle in with your equipment, chat with other participants and form the first connections ahead of the main event. On top of that, we will run GGJ Modifiers AND some special local modifiers too, so if you like a challenge, show us how many you can include into your game.

      We will be able to offer participants enough space (and electrical sockets) for the Jam, as well as some Coffee and Snacks. We will also have some Dinner and Breakfast (including Veggi options), but further sustainance, such as lunch, will need to be brought on-site by you (or ordered from your prefered delivery app). While our organisation team can not offer sleeping quarters, we do have enough space at our Site, so feel free to bring Insulationmats and sleeping bags. Also, in case you need a moment to refresh yourself, we will also provide showerrooms for your use during the Jam.

      If you feel uncertain about bringing your own equipment (for safety or weight), our team can provide a limited number of laptops for jammers. Don’t forget though, GGJ is not just about videogames. We have printing and scanning facilities on Site, so any boardgames or paper Prototypes you want to make are also thoroughly welcome.

      Once the Jam concludes on Sunday, feel free to stick around for some more time to show of your game and compete in a public vote for the best game of the Site. There is no need to pack up and run away immediately; though we will understand if you need to retreat to your own bed right after the Jam. Please be aware that we might take photos during the event

      We are looking forward to your participation and to all of the great games that will come out of this exciting (and probably exhausting) weekend!
      Once you register, don't forget to join our Discord to recieve all of the Updates for the event and maybe even get to know some other jammers in advance.
      The link is here: https://discord.gg/mph7BAE7e9

      P.S.: If we reach our official participant number and you still want to attend, feel free to reach out to us Site organizers. There is always a way to squeeze in one more person!

      And if you have any difficulties in the registration process, please contact:

      Krishnan Chandran

      [email protected]

      Daniel Hauck

      [email protected]

      Location: APB Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau, Computer Science Campus, Technical University of Dresden. Hosted by Immersive Experience Lab, TU Dresden.
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