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      Jam site at Fuzhou:

      尊敬的各位参赛选手 由于原场地的临时用电检修安排 我们的gamejam活动场地要变更为距离原定场地100米外的福州市闽侯县洪甘路217号中龙大厦格林豪泰酒店的会议厅。
      Dear respected participants, due to temporary electrical maintenance at the original venue, our game jam event venue will be changed to the conference hall of GreenTree Inn Hotel, Zhonglong Building, 217 Honggan Road, Minhou County, Fuzhou City, which is located 100 meters away from the initially planned location.

      Take public transportation to Wenshanli Station.

      Various bus routes, including 14, 158, 193, 208, 33, 28, 538, 66, 762, can reach the destination.

      Fuzhou Site Organizer:

      Game Originality Power

      "Game Originality Power" is a media research team focused on the domestic game industry, conducting industry and developer research projects on an annual basis. We believe in the potential of Chinese original games and aim to contribute to the rise of original games in China by paying attention to the current status and development of Chinese game development teams.

      Fuzhou Station Co-organizer:

      Fuzhou Software Park

      Fuzhou Software Park started construction in March 1999 and was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a "National Torch Program Software Industry Base" in the same year. With a planned area of 3.3 square kilometers, it is the largest software industry park in Fujian Province to date.

      Fujian Province Wise Victory Esports Development Center (Proposed Renaming)

      The Fujian Province Wise Victory Esports Development Center (proposed renaming) is an unofficial social organization established on January 1, 2019, with the approval of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau and the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department. It is a non-profit organization formed voluntarily by individuals and groups who have a passion for digital animation and esports games. The center is dedicated to promoting the development of the digital animation and esports game industry in Fujian Province, organizing related events and competitions, and enhancing the province's influence and overall competitiveness in the industry.
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