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eigenCafe Jing
    • Beijing Site of eigenTunes Music Production Company. We locate at 锦珑文创园(Jinlong Cultural Park) in Chinese at Chaoyang(朝阳)District. We invite the manager of 锦珑文创园 to support us for this event, namely, we can borrow quite a few big spaces to support for this event! Hold up to 200 people with NO PROBLEM! This is the first time as a music production company to hold this event and we will do our best. Indeed, we invite several famous game developers including 高鸣 (The developer of Game "The Candle-man(蜡烛人)"。We may determine the ultimate winners through a panel of judges(评委制), and we will prepare trophies(奖杯) for that!!
    • Languages

      Chinese, Simplified (简体中文)

      English (English)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Maximum Capacity
      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
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      24 Hour Security
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      Accessible Public Transport
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      Auditorium Space
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      Completely Non Smoking
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      Designated Smoking Areas
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      Drinks and Snacks
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      Free Coffee
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      Quiet Space

      Has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas