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Greetings from Global Game Jam Bangalore 2024

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Greetings Jammer!

Global Game Jam 2024 is just a day away - and we hope you’re excited for it!

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    • Join the oldest jam site in India and its annual tradition of building games and having fun :)

      Here are some points to keep in mind for a great jam experience!

      🥇 We are admitting jammers on a first come, first serve basis. There are 100 seats available at the jam site.
      ♻️ Our jam site is a plastic neutral zone - so single use plastics are not allowed.
      🫧 We recommend you to bring your own water bottles and not use single use plastic water bottles.
      🍵 We will be providing mugs that you can use for tea, coffee & water in the pantry area. We also expect you to clean after yourselves!
      🫗 Liquids and Food items are allowed in the pantry area and in the cafeteria area only. We will be providing meals in the jam site.
      🚭 Smoking, drinking alcohol and consumption of any kind of illegal substances in the jam site premises are strictly not allowed.
      😴 Sleeping bags and sleeping spaces will be provided. Separate space for female jammers will also be provided.
      💬 Our official mode of communication throughout the Jam will be this Discord. Keep checking on it for further information.

      We are grateful for being given the chance to host the Global Game Jam for you, and provide the best space for you to fully enjoy it.
      We hope for your help and support to make this jam experience the best ever.

      Doors to the venue will open at 5 PM 🚪
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      English (English)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
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      24 Hour Security
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      Quiet Space

      Has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas

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      Separate Sleeping Space
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      Separate Women Only Sleeping Space
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      Vegetarian Food Options
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      Wheelchair Accessible

      Wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets