Gateshead Games GGJ24

Gateshead College
    • Jam will run for 48 hours from 22nd Jan.

      Only students of Gateshead College can join this Jam.
      Jam will take place in class, in your groups.
      Registration details will be given to students prior to the jam starting.

      Day 1 (Tue) - Theme launch/ Team Forming/ Planning/ Research
      Day 2 (Wed) - Game Dev
      Day 3 (Thu) - Game Dev + Adding game page to GGJ site by 4pm
      Day 4 (Fri) - Testing and upload to site - site upload between 1-3:30 pm.

    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      English, British (English, British)

      Age Restrictions
      Entrance Fee
      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
      Gateshead College students only
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      Alcohol Free or Alcohol Free Spaces
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      Gender Neutral Toilets
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      Welcomes Boardgame Creation
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      Welcomes Hardware Games / Alt Controllers
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      Wheelchair Accessible

      Wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets