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    • It has become tradition for the students, faculty, and staff in the Digital Animation and Game Design program at Ferris State University to organize and participate in the Global Game Jam every year. To continue the tradition, we are willing to organize and participate in the GGJ 2024 in our brand new building! This event will be organized, monitored, and sponsored by the Media Communications Association (MCA) student organization which represents the School of Digital Media.

      The Center for Virtual Learning is a new building on the Ferris State University campus. The building has the biggest operational Esports arena in Michigan on the first floor. The labs and classrooms for the Digital Animation and Game Design program are on the 3rd floor of the building from which we will be utilizing rooms CVL 301 and 312 for the entire 48 hours of the event. The building will be locked on the weekends, but students within the School of Digital Media can enter the building from the South entrance using their University ID cards. All students, faculty, and staff across campus are welcome to participate in the event. Prospective students who are interested in the programs in the School of Digital Media are also welcome, if they can be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate, as long as they seek corresponding permissions from the site administrators.

      Participants are welcome to bring their own equipment, but both the labs are equipped with 21 dual monitor computers, keyboards, and mice. Food is strictly NOT allowed in the labs, but participants may use the CVL 324 space to bring their own food to eat. Participants are expected to clean after themselves. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Panera Bread, Dominos, Little Caesars, QDOBA, etc. are within 5-minute walking distance from the site. Additionally, campus restaurants like the Rock Cafe and Ferris State Quad serves food until 9 PM.
    • Event Start Time
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      English (English)

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      18+ only
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      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
      University students with a University ID and prospective students accompanied by a parent/guardian
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