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Brighton GGJ - Jammer Guide available now!

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Hi jammers,

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday afternoon. Here's a link to the Jammer Guide for the site: (due to limitations of the announcement system you might need to click on the link on the GGJ website) 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will see you on Friday!

Best wishes,

Becky and Sarah

Brick clad university building with three stories and a round lecture theatre building on the right hand side
    • We are delighted to return to running an in-person jam again in a new venue in collaboration from our friends at HackSussex!

      Please arrive from 6:30pm on Friday at the Chichester 1 Building where we will start jamming from Friday night until Sunday evening. We will have a meet and greet in the lounge space, followed by a starting presentation and group forming. This will be relaxed and informal so please feel free to BOYB if you wish to. We will be wrapping up the event on the Sunday afternoon with a series of presentations of the games made over the weekend.

      The Brighton site will be a generally relaxed affair, and people of all talents, professions and skill levels are welcome - this site is not limited to just University of Sussex students though we welcome many to join us! Any kind of game can be created, including digital, physical and paper - and teams will be formed to work around a theme. The theme will be announced ahead of the event, so if you've had chance to come ready with ideas, even better!

      No background in tech or previous programming experience is needed - we need artists, sound designers, organisers, writers - and enthusiasm to come up with cool game ideas! People will be on hand to help out where you need. We also want encourage diversity at the event - under represented groups from the games industry are especially welcome.

      Please bring all your own equipment (laptops, power cables, HDMI cables, controllers) and we strongly recommend downloading any large software in advance. There is public wifi at the site but you don't want to waste time downloading when you could be jamming! Students with addresses will be able to use Eduroam.
      We will have access to kitchen facilities, including tea and coffee and some snacks, but we encourage BYO and contributions to a shared snacks/drinks table will always be welcome. There are shops on campus if there's anything you need at short notice.
      The venue can be open for 24 hours from Friday through Sunday, to allow for late night jamming. There is disabled access to the venue, however be aware the campus itself is hilly.
      Public transport options include Falmer Station just over the road from the campus, and the 23/25 bus stops right outside the building. Some parking will also be available.
      We will also be upholding a safe space policy for the event.

      To sign up - make sure you click the button above! All signups will be managed through the Global Game Jam website and every individual attendee must be registered.
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      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
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      Open for entire 48 hours
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      Available Tools or Technology
      HackSussex have an equipment loan scheme that can be used - in a pinch they might just have what you need!

      There are monitors available to use in the labs, bring your own HDMI cable and set up your dual screens. Beyond this, we expect all attendees to bring any laptops, hardware or other equipment they may need, and to download and install any software (especially any large programs) in advance of the jam.
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