2024 The Sheep's Meow (Online/Virtual only)

    • Welcome to the Global Game Jam 2024 — online!

      Our site was the largest jam site in New Jersey since 2020. We’re unrestricted by location, and anyone can join.

      The digital venue for our game jam is The Sheep’s Meow Discord server - https://discord.gg/thesheepsmeow.

      #game-jams channel: for general discussion. Official announcements are pinned in that channel as well.
      #jam-team-forming channel: for starting or joining a team. Post here if you're looking for collaborators.

      All times listed are Eastern Time (UTC-5).

      Saturday, 1/20
      1:00 PM Theme reveal and team forming (Conference Room in Discord)

      Note: We recommend finding teammates in advance in the ⁠jam-team-forming channel.

      Monday, 1/22
      5:00 PM Jam starts for people who want to use the whole week!

      Friday, 1/26
      5:00 PM Jam starts for people who want to use the 48 hour weekend!

      Saturday, 1/27
      10:00 AM: Social Time (Conference Room in Discord)
      11:00 AM: Create a placeholder game project and add team members

      Sunday, 1/28
      10:00 AM: Social Time (Conference Room in Discord)
      12:00 PM: Jammer registration deadline
      5:00 PM: Game upload deadline
      5:15 PM: Showcase! (Conference Room in Discord)


      The health of you and your team is the absolute top priority.

      A game jam is a short burst of creative problem-solving. It’s a fantastic mix of all disciplines and is all about learning and experimentation. The most challenging and interesting problem is the production process itself.

      How can you make a game in under 48 hours, based on a surprise theme, and with other constraints? This challenge is about lowering stakes, prototyping weird ideas, being anti-perfectionist, scoping smaller, and having a simpler development process. It’s about cutting corners cleverly, favoring elegance over complexity, reusing, borrowing, and anything else to make it easier for yourself.

      It is not about glorifying crunch, sacrificing more to work harder, sleeping less, eating any less well, or doing anything harmful. The game industry has a pervasive problem with crunch culture, and we believe game jams can be anti-crunch if you approach it with that mindset.

      This weekend, you are in control of your working conditions. Let’s be good to ourselves and our teammates. Set your boundaries and make them known. Know what your personal goals are before we begin. Have a plan for when things go wrong. Have fun and make friends.


      This is a safe and inclusive space where we respect people of all backgrounds. Please help us all be mindful of our speech and behavior. Harassment of any form is not tolerated, and in certain cases violators may be removed. If there's an issue, please let the event organizers know.

      GGJ’s legal policies: http://globalgamejam.org/legal-policies


      GJ Lee
      Discord - lee_gj
      Email - [email protected]

      Brian S. Chung
      Discord - brianschung
      Email - [email protected]

      This jam site is organized by The Sheep's Meow. If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact us.
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