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SPEED Speed Dating

Découvrez ou redécouvrez les joies de la séduction en speedrun. SPEED Speed Dating est un Dating Simulator en 2D nerveux et intense. Vous y rencontre...


Step aboard on a mission to obliterate the "No Fun Allowed" factory with your mighty Memo'O'Blast 3000. Unleash a barrage of t...

Frog Out
Frog Out

Froggy is a little frog who belong to a hilarious's potions addicted witch. To help your master, let's hunt poisonous mushrooms. Frogg...

Lift Me Up

Lift Me Up is a narrative experience about humans and AI working together Musics by Obsidian Melodia:

Tickle Them All
Tickle Them All

Tickle Them All is a gladiator game where you enbody the king's jester! Make the public laugh by tickling your enemy to death, the king might de...

Laugh Out Life

FR: Brad, Edna, Georges et Candice sont quatre aliens qui se sont accidentellement écrasés sur Terre. Tandis qu’ils attendent des secours, ils découv...