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Almost time to jam!

Submitted by Liv Harris on

Hi All,

Thank you for signing up to jam at our Game Plus Sydney location.

Some paperwork must be done before you get access to the site on Friday afternoon. If you intend on being onsite for this jam, I will need each individual jammer or a member of the team to fill out the Game Plus Code of Conduct form and return it before Friday.

Furthermore, the Sydney Game Plus office is a secure office building that requires a security fob to access outside of business hours - all of which the GGJ will be taking place during. Teams and individual members can request a fob from me when returning the signed code of conduct form. A deposit of $25.25 will be needed per security fob, which will be refunded once the fob is returned after the jam is over. If you do not want a fob, do not fill out a payment option.

There is a doorbell inside the office that can be rung and buzzed to allow entry into the building, so if a team wishes to only have a few fobs between them, then that can be enough.

Existing Game Plus members who have fobs do not need to worry about returning a code of conduct or requesting security during the jam.

No equipment will be provided during this jam, everything must be brought in onsite. Internet will be provided.

As per the site, our schedule will run like this:

Friday, January 26th 4 PM - arrive at Game Plus to set up your gear
Friday, January 26th 5 PM - site tour, ground rules and team formation
Friday, January 26th 6 PM - opening keynote, theme reveal and GGJ kickoff

At this point, we will have watched the opening video and teams will be formed. If you have a team already, great, if not we will try and pair up enough people or have you join existing teams.

Saturday, January 27th, throughout the day - jamming

Sunday, January 28th - throughout the day - jamming
Sunday, January 28th, 5 PM - finish and upload your projects to the GGJ site

Sunday, January 28th, 6 PM - show off your completed projects, maybe some pizza

Sunday, January 28th, 7 PM - end of the game jam, well done, get some rest

Game jam participants can join the discord during this event here:

We will be using Discord, under the Game Jam channel, to communicate with off-site jammers and between the Sydney and Adelaide sites. After the jam, if you choose not to take advantage of the free month membership, you will be removed from the Discord.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.