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Ravens, T-Shirts, Deadlines, & Other Sunday Reminders

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Good morning! Games are due today and we are here and ready to help you get it done. Here's some important information for finishing up today.

RAVENS GAMES: 3:00pm We'll have the game playing on the big screen in SB 101 for anyone who's hoping to keep track of the score while they finish up. 

DEADLINE: 6:00pm: Games should be uploaded and presentation links shared. We're here to help you get everything up and in the right place. Presentation links could just be a link to your game, or a few slides. It's up to you (see below).

T-SHIRTS: During dinner we'll be giving out free Global Game Jam T-shirts

SNACKS: So many snacks! Come eat them. 

DINNER: 6:00pm: To celebrate what you've accomplished (whether your game is fully finished and playable or just a collection of good ideas), we'll enjoy a Taco Bar from Chipotle. Steak, Chicken, Barbacoa, Veggies, Guac, Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce, Rice, Beans (Black and Pinto), and soft taco tortillas. Cold sodas, remaining water and Capri Suns. 

PRESENTATION:  Each team will give a brief presentation on their game. This can be a collection of a few slides, or it can just be a link to your game or art. Each team will only get a few minutes to tell us the following:

  • What was the original idea/goal?
  • What did you end up doing?
  • Is it finished or would you like to add more?
  • How did you build the game and what was the process like?

PRESENTATION LINK: 2024 GGJ Presentations - Google Sheets
This is just to make it easy to pull up individual game links or presentations super quickly during the showcase. 

SHOWCASE: 6:30pm Presentations kick off at 6:30pm. Please feel free to invite friends to come and learn about your work and play your games! 

Getting credit for a course?
If you're getting credit for a course, be sure that you are clearly linked to a submitted game, and that you have a clear credit for work on your game page. Your Team Leader can ensure this happens. For ENG 225, you'll also want to make sure that you are up there with your team for the presentation. 


  • Finish game
  • Plan brief presentation and provide link (again this can be a link to your game, or an actual slideshow about your game, your choice!)
  • Update game page with important information, clearly crediting people for their work. Remember a team picture! :) 
  • Upload all game files in the appropriate format. This is important to get right so others can try your game out. 
  • Get your game ready to play/explore on 1-2 computers in SB 101 or set up on a table in SB 106 or lobby
  • Invite friends to come see your work and presentation at the show case at 6:30pm.


Lunch is Served + Other snacks

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sub sandwiches, chips, carrots, cupcakes,

Lunch is out and the sodas are cold. We've got plenty of fuel here to keep your creative gears grinding. 

We're also here ready to help with any technical questions you may have. 

Oreos, ding dongs, donuts, muffins, candy etcNutella, Scooby Snacks, Muffins muffins, waffer cookies, fruit snacks

We've also got COLD Coca Cola and Shasta, water, and Caprisuns.

Whereever you're working today, remember to take breaks, eat, drink, and have fun! :)

Global Game Jam Important Reminders

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Hello Jammers!

Tonight is the night that Global Game Jam begins. We're looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you create. I wanted to share some reminders and important information about the event this weekend. If you have any questions before the event, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or at  443-478-3092 . 

Below is everything you need to know for tonight, including some important links you may need tonight or this weekend. If you have any friends that want to join last minute, that's fine! We are happy to take walk-ins and we'll be there to help them get registered on the site. 

RAVENS PLAY OFF GAME: Come watch it with us! We'll be projecting the game on a large screen. Free snacks continue to be available.


  • Brown School of Business at Stevenson University Owings Mills location. For this event, you may park in the lot in front of the building, or down at Mustang Stadium (and then walk up the hill). Full address and map can be found our on our official GGJ page. 

  • We're in the Basement. This year, we've taken over the basement of the building. Take the stairs or elevator down to floor 1 (floor 2 is the ground floor and entrance). From there, GGJ Leaders will direct you to various activities depending on the time you arrive. Be sure to sign in at the welcome table.

Remember to Sign In: When you arrive, there will be a sign in table. Please be sure to check in. 

Tonight's Schedule: 

5:00p:Sing In, Party Games, Learning Opportunities, and help for walk-in registrations.

5:45/6:00p: As soon as everyone is in and settled, we'll Kick Off the event in SB 106. Come enjoy the Keynote Speakers' message and the reveal of the Theme. ** Kick Off will begin by 6pm, but may begin as early as 5:45 depending on flow of activities and arrivals.

6:30p: Dinner from Dominos. We'll have fruit, salad, wings, pepperoni, sausage, veggie, and cheese pizza available. We'll also provide beverages and a small dessert. During dinner, we'll work in small groups to generate ideas for potential games based on the theme. ** Dinner may start by 6:15pm depending on length of keynote and official start time.

7:00p: Team Formation. We'll share our ideas for games and decide which ones we're making and who is making them. From there,  Team Leaders will learn how to set up their Team page and get everyone registered/connected to it. We'll also walk you through the files and information you need to upload your game materials.  A leader will remain on campus until around 10p. You are welcome to stay and work as long as you like once teams are fully set up.​

Important: Form a plan and schedule with your team before leaving for the night! 

Planning for the Weekend: 

Each team works at their own pace to complete their planned game. Teams will be coming and going all day Saturday and through Sunday to the deadline. We encourage you to work on campus where there are leaders who can mentor you, free supplies, free resources, and free food! However, we don't expect you to live on campus with us and understand you may have other obligations and may be splitting the work up at home. Please feel free to come and go as needed, split up the work as needed, and we will see everyone all back together Sunday evening! 

Free Lunch Saturday: Free lunch will be provided on site around 1pm Saturday and left out in a grab & go style as long as is reasonable. 

Ravens Football: 3:00p 
We'll we projecting the game on a large screen in one of our rooms Sunday. Enjoy the game and snacks as you finish up work on your own game. Or, finish your game early and just kick back and watch with a group. 

Games &. Presentations Due: 6:00pm 

Free Dinner for Participants: 6:00pm

Presentations & Showcase: 6:30pm

Everyone is welcome to the Showcase and Presentations even if they didn't make a game. So invite some friends and family to come play what you made.