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"Troubadour" is a quirky dance game where players control the king's jester, guiding them through scrolling pages to hit the central ho...

Ou pas, French for "or not"
Ou pas ?

It's a story about a game *ou pas* ("or not", in English), multiplayer (or not), with some actions to do (or not) while having fun (or ...

Make It laugh

In this game, you play as a young child in a house. There is no way out. When you begin the game in the first phase, you will have a few seconds to ...

Laugh or Loathe

#english Pitch : Chose the perfect datemate. Try to ramp up their laught-o-meter before you run out of conversation ! Featuring Octave the "th...

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The Worst Talent Show Ever

In this game, play as the jury of a talent show, Eliminate the worst participant each round and the last player standing will receive an amazing price...