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Play of Clay

Play of Clay is a claymation adventure about a rat named Simo. Simo needs to go to a store to buy some macaroni, and on his way he meets a few strange...

Image of a video game happening inside a space station
Mel 'n' Colleen

Mel'n'Colleen is a short narrative game about overcoming a life-altering trauma, and finding a way out from depression. You control an as...

Unhinged: The Kiuas Story

Get to the Kiuas. A game by borb, Lauri, Lauri and Lauri sfx by Örmynkörmy Controls: WASD+Ctrl+Spacebar R to reset level Mouse to start gam...

Serial Clown Titlescreen Image
Serial Clown

Top down clowning simulator where you avoid the fun police. Controls: WASD to move Mouse1 to throw pies to stun the police cops Mouse2 to clown ...

A sick screenshot of an epic card game, trust me bro.

A single-player card battler. Explore a treacherous dungeon using comic strip magic to make your foes laugh themselves to shreds. Arrow keys: Na...

Silly Slippery Shenanigans

Silly Slippery Shenanigans -- a gentleman's most fabulous past-time! Pedro has one minute for a slapstick performance. Exit must be reached in...