Chillings jam 2024 announcements

Thank you for joining!

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Hello everybody! This is the end of Chillings jam 2024. We want to thank all the participants for joining, it has been a great experience.


We've had a lot of participants this year. The jam has been super cool and it has been very great to meet you. Everyone worked hard. Congratulations on your projects!


This is the end of the jam. We hope you had a lot of fun. Please make any final adjustments to your game page if necessary and take a well deserved break. We hope to see you again next year!

Create your game entry

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Hello everyone, we're seeing amazing work from all the jammers at the site. Great job! We're almost done. 


If there is no entry for your project yet, click the "Create Game" button on the Chillings jam 2024 main page to create one. Just fill in your game name and a quick description and it's ready. You can edit the details and provide an upload or link to your project afterwards.


From 15:00 we will be available at to answer questions and help uploading your game to the global game jam site. Between 16:00 and 17:00 there is time to meet each other and celebrate our work together. Good luck with your final efforts!

Optional meetings and Q&A

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Hey everyone! I hope you're having fun with the jam and your projects are coming along.


From 15:00 until 17:00 we are available in the office to meet. You can ask questions or just hang out and chill. Follow this link to go to there:


At 20:00 there will be a playtesting session in the office. You can test someones game or bring your game to test. See the site details for a more detailed breakdown of the program.

Chillings jam 2024 begins!

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Hello everybody! Welcome to Chillings jam 2024. Thank you for joining.


The jam is beginning. Follow this link to go to our virutal office where all the events will take place:


In 30 minutes we're going to view the keynote video and reveal the global game jam theme of this year. See you there!