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Discord Link update

Submitted by Ischias on

Hello Jammers,

unfortunately, the discord link in our first announcement led to the wrong discord server. The Link has now been corrected. 

You will find the correct discord link also this announcement.

GGJ24 Discord:

Sorry for the confusion. 

Discord Server and more information

Submitted by Ischias on

Dear Jammers,

we are happy to announce that our GGJ24 Discord Server is now online!
You can join here:

There you can already give us your food preferences in the polls channel or get in touch with the other jammers.
Our Game Jam will officially start at 4 PM with a keynote by Jens Abke, CEO of Lotum GmbH, who has released really successful mobile games (4 Pics 1 Word, Quiz Planet) with his studio. During this keynote session, the theme for this year’s GGJ will be revealed (and posted on our Discord and Insta ( You will also receive all the information about the event schedule during the session.

In case you are having trouble with traveling to our GGJ site due to the train strike: you’re not alone! You can use the Discord server to ask other jammers to carpool with you or travel by bus (not affected by the strike).

Safe travels and see you soon at Global Game Jam 2024!