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Location for Global Game Jam 2024!

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Hi! We are Scuola Internazionale di Comics of Florence, and we held professional courses about visual arts and new media, such as game art, game design, game programming, comics, illustration, animation, videomaking, graphic design, 3d art!

We want to host a game jam to involve our students and other participants in this challenge as we did last year.

We have ten rooms, and we will use part of them for the actual game jam, part of them for the participants to sleep with their own sleeping bags.

We will provide desks, chairs, wi-fi, projectors, computers and graphic tablets if needed. In the school we have vending machines for hot and cold beverages and snacks.

In the location area you will find restaurants and street food, or you can order delivery food.

The jam is open to anyone who is 18th years or older, and the participation is in-person.

Please also apply here to participate to the game jam 2024 in our school:


Come and meet our community!


Game Jam schedule:

Starts at 8 p. m. of 25th of January, 2024

Ends at 8 p.m. of 28th of January, 2024