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Submitted by JuanDiazGutierrez on

LOVELY PEOPLE we are really really happy of how amazing this GGJ was, see you around and keep makin' those GAMES!

Thank U!


Some tips!!

Submitted by JuanDiazGutierrez on

Hi there! Thanks for joining us, we are pretty excited to host this GGJ (already 70+ people registered WOAHH!!!). We wanted to give you some pro-tips to make your time as most efficient and fun as possible for the GGJ weekend.

  • S-Nordbahnhof is closed until Feb 15th, so consider using tram (M10/M8/M12) or U6/U8 + some walking to get into the KG offices. There are some busses around too.
  • remember to bring your laptop and HDMI cable if possible: we provide some monitors but cables are always better to have earlier than searching for some spares in the office.
  • bring your (tagged) mug, we provide water and drinks but we have limited mugs. We have a nice kitchen, you can clean your mug here as also use cutlery and dishes for food.
  • bring warm clothes, in case its cold during the night!! Some spaces are colder than others as they face the streets around the office.
  • we have electric sockets extensions but as same as cables, bring your own if you want to make this process faster.

See you soon!