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GGJ Venue Instruction

Submitted by Weloadin on

Address: 2nd Floor, No.12, Neela Towers, 10th Ave, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083, IN


1. Theme Announcement:
   - Theme will be announced on the Jam Venue on Jan 26th

2. Overnight Stay (Optional):
   - Feel free to bring your own sleeping kit if you plan to stay overnight.
   - Overnight stay is optional, and participants are encouraged to prioritize their comfort.

3. Venue Curfew:
   - Kindly note that the venue has a curfew at 9:30 PM for everyone's safety.

4. Bring your Own Laptops:
   - Participants/Teams are advised to bring their own laptop and power chords for the Jam

(Pizza's will be sponsered only on Saturday 27th Jan Night)

We can't wait to see the incredible games that you guys are gonna make!

Let the countdown to January 26th begin!