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English, British (English, British)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
There are stickmen in your computer. Your computer thinks you should slaughter them and has provided you with a variety of tools to do so with. Please enjoy.

Sandbox game with no defined end goals intended to provide a few minutes of light amusement. Right click to swap between weapons of destruction such as the Ban Hammer, the Blue Screen of Death, the Fire Wall, and the Mouse to hunt down stick men relentlessly. Have fun!

Ross Everson: Here To Have A Great Times (audio + ideas)
James Hellman: The Spaghettification Monster (Game Designer)
Callum Holland: Hammer Swinger (Everything)
Miles Rodyakin: Head Screamer (user interface, mostly)
Ben Wheatley: Maya Wrangler (Design pretending to be art)

Audio Sources:
Technology Notes
- Blender
- Maya
- Photoshop
- Figma
- Audacity
- Plastic SCM