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Yebati Diablo


English (English)

Web standard
Tools and Technologies
You find yourself in a medieval world and must save the village of Bogdańczychów from a wave of devilishly dangerous monsters.

For the best experience, launch the game on Chrome or Opera with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

First, choose the battleground: Wierzbowy Zad offers an exhilarating race during which you must run over as many monsters as possible. The remaining locations offer turn-based combat. Miechocin offers an easy level, while Roztargnica offers a difficult level.

Choose characters for your team from three available classes: Tank, Marksman, and Warrior. Each offers a unique ability that can drastically change the course of battle. The Tank provokes enemies and draws their focus. The Warrior, with their special ability, attacks all enemies in a row, while the elite Marksman can shoot down all enemies in a column.

To change characters, use the arrows displayed on the screen. When the character you prefer appears, click on the right side of the screen where you want to place them. These positions are the front and back flanks. You can freely change characters in your team.

We recommend placing at least one Tank in the front to absorb the most damage, and optionally, a Marksman or Warrior in the back.

Start the game and enjoy !
Technology Notes
Javascript/Typescript, HTML, CSS
Installation Instructions
npm i && npm run dev