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English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
The player plays as a middle-aged man who loves to buy a toy as his hobby without his wife knowing. One day, when he arrives at his secret place to hide his toys, her wife finds it out and becomes angry because he spent the money without she knowing it. The player must run to save his life and his toys and must avoid any obstacle and projectile that his wife throws at him in an outburst. The player's goal is to reach the local leader and ask him to help him to calm his wife.
The gameplay is auto-runner and the player must avoid obstacles in front while avoiding any projectiles from his wife behind. The player must survive to the finish line before its HP falls to 0 and being caught. The wife throws three projectiles with its own speciality and he also faces some roadblock in front of him.
Installation Instructions
1. Download the game
2. Extract the zip
3. Run "Wifemonger.exe"