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Spanish (Español)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Storytelling through audio - (Sponsored by WeLoveIndies)
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
This is a first-person survival and psychological horror game set in a sinister ice cream museum filled with dark corridors and abysses. The visual atmosphere takes a backseat, with an emphasis on using sound to generate tension, fear, and disorientation in the player. The goal is to escape this twisted labyrinth while avoiding deadly auditory dangers.

The player must explore the museum in first person, primarily guided by audio cues to progress and avoid threats. Disturbing laughter probes the player's position, and they must escape it to avoid instant death. Remaining still for too long triggers the character's laughter attacks, raising their "euphoria bar" and eventually causing lethal uncontrollable laughter. There are also moments of sleep apnea that can drown the player if they deviate from the correct path. Gameplay emphasizes constant movement and using sound to navigate and survive.
Technology Notes
We use design tools such as Blender, After Effects, and Illustrator. Audio tools like Protools, Reaper, and Izotope. As well as other tools like Visual Studio.