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Tickle the Stone


English (English)

Solo game - Maze - 1 minute - Print and play

Try to tickle Buster Keaton, the great stone face, to make him laugh. You have to find your way from the first glove to the second, and end on Busta’s face.

To play this game, print it on a A4 paper sheet, and cut the hexagonal shapes.

Shuffle the hexagons and then reveal the first one. Place it on a table, then reveal the other, one by one, placing the next alongside. You cannot place two blue cards alongside, if you draw two blue cards in a row, put the second one at the end of the pile. If you only have blue cards left, you can place them where you want, except alongside another blue. You can stop drawing cards when the three blues are revealed.

Once the maze is created, you have to solve it. You can enter and exit a green card only by crossing the blue circle doors. You cannot cross the green or black walls. Start from one glove, go to the other, and end on Busta’s face.