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  • UNAHUR videojuego jam torneo desarrollo
    Level 2
  • Unahur Global game jam
    Level 1
  • Unahur Global game jam
    Documentation Brain parts
  • Unahur videogame global game jam
    Concept art
  • unahur videogame global game jam
    Concept art

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Spanish (Español)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Sharing is caring - (Sponsored by Github)
Explore the possibilities - (Sponsored by Leonardo.Ai)
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Tools and Technologies
It's a toon-style platform game, in which you play a comedian who sees himself as a clown. The character is on an internal search within his mind to fight against his ideas, with the aim of shining again on stage.

The game's name arises from the tissue found between neurons, believed to be the origin of thoughts and emotions. We decided that the game's protagonist would be a comedian undergoing a phase of frustration in his career. This leads him to embark on an introspective journey into his mind. Portraying himself as a clown, he initiates his struggle against intrusive thoughts, with an audience constantly observing. His goal is to find the keys to regain his sense of humor, as making others laugh has become an enigma for him.

Team members
and students of the University National of Hurlingham "UNAHUR":
Sebastián Nahuel Galesi
Agustín Menichini
Agustín Pasquali
Roman Norry
Delcielo Otero
Juan Manuel Alzogaray
Santiago M.
Sebastián Zalla

Special thanks:
Zygmuntt Hernan Hernandez for the support, organization and cookies.
Fernando Puricelli for telling us about these events, and giving us support.
Alejandra Pini, Tobias Rusjan, Matias Paredes, Andres Vergez and Clara Esnaola for tutorials, advice, tips, and give us the necessary moral support to start and continue.
All the parterners in the JAM and a big thank you to Guili for lending Agus the thermos for drinking Mate

Technology Notes
GDevelop motor grafico
firealpaca animaciones
pixelorama fondo
Reaper audio