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A Tea And A Smile


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In a cozy and vibrant environment, serve the perfect tea to each of your patrons to help them relax and bring a smile - or maybe a laughter even - to their face. No time pressure and no reflexes needed, just take your time and do your best!

Controls : arrow keys & e (as action key)

/!\ Spoilers below /!\

If you've tried the game but couldn't figure out the recipes, here they are:
- Brownish leaf or root or brownish powder + sugar = peach-colored tea
- Green herb or leaf or green powder + honey = purple-colored tea (don't question it)
- Green herb or leaf + green powder = green-colored tea
- Brownish leaf or root + brownish powder = brown-colored tea
- Honey + sugar = white-colored tea

Also, the peach tea is for sadness (or anger or lostness) ; the green tea is for anger (or sadness or stress) ; the purple tea is for lostness (or anger or tiredness) ; the brown tea is for tiredness (or sadness or stress) ; the white tea is for stress (or tiredness or lostness).