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Sweet Cavities


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Game with Friends (Sponsored by Hathora)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Fight against each other for your life. Extract the teeth on screen and throw them at your partner to end with their suffering. But be careful, every time you extract a tooth you will create a new cavity under your feet; fall and your life will be over. The best of 7 rounds will be the winner. Make your opponent fall or hit him/her with teeth.

Since time immemorial, little human creatures have enjoyed their SWEETS. These delicious treats are often the reason they smile, but this involves the sacrifice of many sweets on a daily basis.

To save the rest of the population, every year two tribes of sweets duel to decide which will be the children's favorite sweet that year. The chosen tribes that will sacrificed. This time the chosen tribes are the Melons and the Clouds, and the unlucky combatants are Meloncito and Nubita. They have been chosen to fight until one of them falls in a duel. Now it is up to you to decide their fate.