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Sumo seals!


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Welcome to ”Sumo seals”! where adorable round animals battle it out on ice floats! Get ready to slide, bump, and belly flop your way to victory. Remember, it's not just about being round; it's about being resilient! Embrace your curves and use them to your advantage!


Player 1: Use the WASD keys to move your seal left, right, forward, and backward. Space to slide.
Player 2: Use the arrow keys. Num. enter to slide.


Round Start: Each round begins with the seals positioned on opposite ends of the ice float.
Engage: When the round starts, use your directional controls to slide and bump your opponent.
Strategy: Try to outmaneuver your opponent and position yourself for a solid shove. Keep an eye on the edge of the ice float — one wrong move, and you'll be taking an icy plunge!
Victory: Successfully push your opponent off the ice float to win the round.
Round End: The round ends when one seal is pushed off the ice
Round Winner: The winner of each round earns a point. The first seal to accumulate 3 points wins the game!

Run Amok by Kevin MacLeod |
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Creative Commons CC BY 3.0