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Sumo Baby

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English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Game with Friends (Sponsored by Hathora)
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Welcome to the chaotic world of "Sumo Baby" – where diaper-clad champions clash in the ultimate Sumo-battle for baby supremacy!

Get ready for a diaper-dropping, giggles-galore extravaganza as you engage in the most epic PVP baby brawls ever witnessed. Tapping into your inner toddler tactician, you'll control your adorable sumo baby with either nimble finger taps or a joystick maneuverable enough for even the messiest playpen.

How to play :
Press S key for player 1 to attack. Press K key for player 2 to attack.
Alternatively, Can also use UI buttons that appear on the screen via mobile devices.
Technology Notes
Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, blender 4.0, Adobe Photoshop, Ableton Live.
Installation Instructions
For Windows :
1.) Unzip the zip file
2.) Click on the .exe file
3.) Wait for the menu screen to loadup
4.) Click on Play

For WebGL :
1.) Click on the link.
2.) When redirected to the website, click on Run Game.
3.) Wait for the menu screen to load up.
4.) Click on play.