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In Stand-Up you embark on an exciting journey to create and run a successful comedy venue. Your primary goal is to keep guests entertained and happy, which in turn boosts your club's income. Guests pay an entrance fee and their satisfaction is directly tied to the quality of comedians you book. A happy audience not only returns for more laughs but also spreads the word, bringing in new visitors.

At the beginning, your budget constraints mean you'll start with lesser-known comedians. While they may not be big names yet, you might discover a rising star among them. As your club's income grows, you'll have the opportunity to hire more renowned comedians, some of whom may attract their own fan base. This leads to an increase in guest numbers, further boosting your club's popularity and revenue.

With growing profits, you can reinvest in your club, enhancing its appeal by adding more tables and seating for guests, and continually improving the roster of comedians. Each upgrade and successful show brings you closer to turning your comedy club into the talk of the town.