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Śmieszne Kryształki

  • krasnal throwing crystals into the cauldron
    Throw the crystals into the cauldron!
  • krasnal slapping krasnal
    Slap your opponent in the face!
  • Throw the crystals into the cauldron!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Fight and cook crystals! --- The Gnome King is angry. Yellow gnome needs to make him a "Laughing Rock Soup" using the Good Yellow Funny Crystals. But oh no! There is a Gnome Sabotagist who is using the Bad Purple Sad Crystals! It's up to you to rescue the Gnome Kingdom from tears and anger!

Game made by 4 friends :) definitely neeeds much "polishing" but is fun to try to play with a friend :)
Installation Instructions
1. Unzip the file.
2. Ignore the warnigs.
3. Play!

Play with 2 xbox controllers (but menu works only with a mouse xd)